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OpenBadge that's easy! The issuer, - a school, a business, a training organization or your piano teacher, assigns you an OpenBadge reward for your work or your studies attested by a certificate or diploma. You get your OpenBadge via e-mail and you will deposit it in the BackPack* of your choice, from which you will disseminate the evidence of your knowledge and skills to your favorite social networks.

You want to create an OpenBadge?
The OpenBadge is also easy for issuers, such as schools, training centers, certifying companies, or the football coach. You want to reward your students for a particular performance, the success pass on an exam or certificate of applied mathematics or even the victory of a volleyball championship, you just use the platform <OpenBadges e-portfolio> to create the OpenBadge, - an image of your choice related to your descriptions, and assign it to the receiver. The system will send it, - via e-mail, to each recipient on your list. The Badge receiver can put it in the BackPack of his choice from where he will broadcast the evidence of his success or skills to their favorite social networks.

The <OpenBadges e-portfolio> platform ensures the authenticity of the badge as its issuer.

Indeed, at the time of its accession to <OpenBadges e-portfolio> the OpenBadges issuer-candidate proves its identity and supplies the exact nature of its business. It is only after verification of the data, that the issuer will get an identifier which will allow him to create and issue Badges from <OpenBadges e-portfolio>'s. This verifies the legitimacy of the issuer-candidate to avoid the baking of fake Badges by non legitimated issuers.

<OpenBadges e-portfolio> uses the Mozilla's signed-Badges System* which prohibits infringement: the slightest alteration of encrypted message conveyed by the Badge will make it unusable.

Moreover, <OpenBadges e-portfolio>, knows no recipient's personal information except the e-mail, also encrypted in the Badge. The same goes for the storage and Badges visualization, - the BackPack, systems, that are also free of any personal data, with exception of e-mail in encrypted form.

* This is not the case for all existing OpenBadges plateformes.

<open Badges e-portfolio> meets the specifications defined by Mozilla OpenBadges making it a flexible, reliable, easy to use and secure. A Badge refers to some data that identifies the issuer and the badge holder, but also describe, - sometimes exhaustively, a work characteristics, a performance, the review of the event that resulted in the issuance of this badge. These descriptions are crucial, as long as they reflect the knowledge and skills acquired at time T.

Unfortunately, they are volatile and unstable nature as they tend to change or disappear over time.

Indeed, the data are actually web pages that indicates the Badge issuer during its manufacturing to describe, for example, a test that verify course content understanding. Persistence, the sustainability of these web pages is not guaranteed over time by Mozilla OpenBadges : the issuing institution may restructure its site, change of ownership, or even disappear, in each case the contents may be modified or deleted. This applies even when the program of a course change: at best, the corresponding description in Badge issued at time T does not longer match the description on T + t, resulting in its corruption, - at least in part, as the Badge will not longer accurately reflect the state of things when it was created.

<OpenBadges E-portfolio> incorporates a solution which allows to eliminate this weakness, while respecting Mozilla OpenBadges specifications. During Badge creating process, the issuer gives the requested descriptions by indicating the web pages URLs. The <OpenBadges e-portfolio> system takes then a snapshot of each web page and save them forever on a replicated server chain to provide redundancy which is necessary to complete full data security. Thus, the Badge will always reflect accurately things as they were at the time of its creation.


(e.g: +49 7851 88 66 496 outside from France)


(e.g: +49 7851 88 66 496 outside from France)